Queen of the Scene| By Queen Latifah

"This little ruler of the playground has got game. Basketball, stickball, jump–rope, soccer–there's nothing she won't try. And watch out, boys, because she's representing all the ladies and has girl power to the max." -Amazon.com

Being "Queen of the Scene" means to always walk tall, and be confident and fearless. It is important always to have a positive mindset in all that you do because you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

"Queen of the Scene" is a good read because it shows young girls not to place any limitations on themselves because they can do anything they put their minds to. It also teaches young girls that nothing is too big to be accomplished. 

This worksheet is a great tool to use after reading the book. It can help children explore their own abilities and areas where they are highly  confident.  It also helps young girls know, that they can do anything and don't have to be limited by gender roles.  

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