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Why is reading so important for African American children?

Well for a number of reasons. One being, historically, it was illegal for African Americans to read and we were denied access to books in order to educate ourselves and our families about college, careers, business, money, politics and other critical areas of life. The second being, reading helps expand our vocabulary, increases creativity and inquiry and enhances personal growth and knowledge.

Reading is a lifelong skill that you never stop developing, and the knowledge you gain from reading, is something that no one can ever take away from you.

Often times, African American children are not exposed to as many books as other children their age. In order to help them to become more fluent, independent readers, below are a list of books that are developmentally appropriate. We hope that these books will peak your child's interest and will help them fall in love with reading!

But First - A Few Tips!

Make reading fun and choose books that fit their reading level.
Choose books that interest them to prevent them from getting easily discouraged.
Help them with the mechanics of reading: such as phonics, grammar, and spelling.
Encourage them to read a variety of genres of books, fiction, non-fiction, comics, biographical

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